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Prior to coaching, I worked in Higher Education for more than twenty years.  It was there that I discovered that transformations can happen for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  By all accounts, I’ve been successful.  I seamlessly went from teaching to administration and quickly rose up the ranks from director to dean.  As a former Dean of Student Affairs, I helped students model the lives they wanted and worked with them to overcome the obstacles that were keeping them from achieving their goals; yet, I was unfulfilled and unsatisfied in my own career and life.  It wasn’t enough; I was NOT ENOUGH.


I chased a perfect, controlled world where everything lined up the way I wanted.  Each day it became more difficult to keep up the facade.  As I coached others on work-life balance and helped them reach their goals, my health and happiness suffered.  I was more caught up in looking like I had it all together than actually living the way I encouraged others to.

I made a massive shift that has resulted in a more balanced, less controlled, and more fulfilled life.  I still help people reach their goals.  I simply enjoy it more.  I travel!  I laugh!  I eat tacos! My mission is to get others to the place where they too can live from a place of action instead of a place of fear.

"I started working with Shelia a few months ago. I was stuck in self-doubt and unclear of which direction to go as I embarked on a new career endeavor. Shelia helped me clearly see when/how I tend to respond to various circumstances and experiences.  I received helpful and real-life tools to keep my life moving forward in a positive and healthy way. I highly recommend Shelia."


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