“Most people care about their own lives. Fewer people care about the lives of others. It is rare for someone to care about your life the way they care about their own life. Shelia Collins is one of those rare people. I appreciate all of the time and energy she put into helping me to see what I couldn’t see. Because of Collins Coaching, my goals are clearer, my focus is sharper and my confidence is stronger. For that, I am most grateful.”


~Tim L.


"I learned about Ms. Shelia through a friend. I had a few things I wanted to get the ball rolling on and a couple things I just needed to discuss with someone that was not family. Shelia helped with both. She always knows exactly what to say, and I think 'resourceful' is Ms. Shelia's middle name! After every session I always felt uplifted and encouraged, that I was on the right path to doing great things and bettering myself! I am grateful to have worked with her. 

~Tammy W.

​​“If you need a gentle nudge, strategist, accountability partner, a second set of eyes to show you a different way to handle a situation, use your resources, but make sure that Shelia is one of them.  She helped me navigate a new opportunity and see solutions that were in my blind spot.  She also helped me negotiate my contract as a bonus and walked me through the language needed to negotiate my contract effectively.” 

~Cicely W.

"If you have ever felt stuck in your life, you should contact Shelia. When describing my current life situation, I told Shelia that I was stuck in my job, in my dating life, friendships and in life overall.  The rut was deep, and I thought it would be out of her scope as the issues seemed impossible to see a way out of.   Shelia listened and assured me that change is possible, and then we got to work. 


We are in the middle of the journey and I can tell you I have had a range of emotions during the process and Shelia was with me every step of the way. If you are tired of saying no to life and want to live and stop just existing, give Shelia Collins a try.  Working with her, I am becoming more confident and sure that I can be successful in the areas I was once "stuck".


Prepare to be challenged on every level.  She is not your mom or your babysitter.  If you are serious and ready to "Get your life," give her a call."



Shelia is.....









Let Shelia propel you into your best life.....



Shelia helped me get through my qualifying exams, my dissertation, my job interviews, and even tenure. She’s the best. 

~Laura B.V.

Let's CoNNect.

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