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Women's Wellness 


April 21st to 23rd 

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Get Supported. Get Connected. Get Clarity. Reclaim Your Peace!

Welcome to the Better You Wellness Retreat.  Shelia Collins, Rashunda Johnson, and Larna Atkinson are ready to guide you on a journey of self-love and reconnection as you learn to put yourself first in a way that you never have before.  Why is it called Better You?  It is simple.  After this weekend, you will have the skills needed to be the best version of yourself and simply LIVE BETTER!

As women, we are taught to put others before ourselves.  We learned it from our over-tired mothers, aunties, and grandmothers who worked, took care of the family, and never took the time to truly care for themselves.  In fact, those who did were often seen as selfish and quite frankly just not “good” mothers or women.  As a result, women found themselves being unwilling to care for themselves, incapable of loving themselves, and unable to make space for themselves.  Women normalized being unsupported and unseen with unmet needs.  This retreat will turn the idea of a “good” woman on its head as we focus solely on helping you be present for yourself in a way that supports you as you reconnect with that part of you that has forgotten how to take care of YOU. 


Shelia, Larna, and Rashunda have created a weekend that focus on your mind (coaching), body (health coaching), and soul (yoga & mindfulness). We will work with you to provide the tools you need to practice self-care and well-being without guilt.  You will leave reconnected with yourself, energized, and ready to live life from your power and not fear.  During the weekend you will disconnect from your responsibilities, leave your stress at home, make new connections, expand your tribe, and have fun. 

The retreat will be held in a beautiful villa on Lake Hamilton during one of the most beautiful times of year.  

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  • Learn how to integrate self-care into your daily life

  • See your value and what you bring to the world

  • Learn to be more intentional about what you want

  • Learn how to prioritize your own wellbeing

  • Discover your life purpose

  • Learn to be more selfish in order to create what you want

  • Learn how to fall in love with yourself again

  • Be with others in a judge-free, love-filled, energetic space with others who want change

  • Learn how to get supported and ask for support

  • Learn to create healthy boundaries for yourself and others

  • Get clear on what blocks you

  • Get clear on your goals

I'm not ready to register, but I'm interested in having a call to get more information. 
I'm ready to register NOW!
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This 2 Night All-Inclusive Retreat Includes:

Spots are limited


Where: Beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas, April 21st to 23rd



  • All Meals, Beverages & Snacks fully provided

  • Lodging is provided in a comfortable and cozy accommodation

      (Various lodging options.  If you are coming with a friend, there is an opportunity to            share a bed at a discounted rate.) 

  • Pre-retreat group call

  • Various workshops, experiences, and downtime to relax

  • Two (2) 90-Minute Zoom Group Coaching & Support Calls (one per month for two months after the retreat (May & June)

Bonus Offerings:

  • Free admission to 2024 planning workshop

  • Additional opportunities to work with Shelia, Larna, or Rashunda one-on-one or in a group format

  • Free digital planner

  • Other surprise bonuses


$999 (10% discount available for paying in full)

$799 Early Bird Price before February 14th

*other discounts available.  See payment page.

I'm ready to register NOW!
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I'm not ready to register, but I'm interested in having a call to get more information. 

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